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The Tech Academy is a social enterprise that bypasses the traditional education curriculum offered to schoolchildren and instead engages them in an interactive learning-by-doing education of Technology. Here at The Tech Academy we teach engineering, programming and mechatronics to young, aspiring children of school ages. We expose them to a completely new field of opportunity that they would normally only experience a slice of in school science fair projects. We test the boundaries of innovation and imagination in the minds of children, nurture them and take their analytical, creative and problem-solving skills to a whole new level -something that the traditional education system of the country lacks emphasis in. However, we do not pressurize them – we understand that each child has his/her unique capacity and are not sheep to be herded. Usually, within the span of a few classes, they learn and are motivated enough to come up with their own i ventions - whether it be a really cool new gadget (look up: The Batman Gadget!) or a computer game. We also provide these children the opportunity to work in real company-specific projects assigned to us by prestigious companies! Also, we believe ANYONE can tech. All our highly-skilled instructors are from diverse backgrounds rather than engineering, so you need not worry if your child isn’t the best tech geek out there. But if you believe that your child is one who would thrive in such an interactive, practical learning environment, be whatever his/her background.

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